Tuesday, December 8, 2009

R&D time

We got some more wheel time on the car out in the west desert to test the skid plate and diff cover, plus it's just a lot of fun. Everything held up perfectly and kept all the gravel, big and small, away from our car's guts. Picture by Marcus

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bolt-on Improvement: Quick, cheap, and easy

All of these modifications were done for 100 dollars combined:) Rally racing on a budget!

So we finally got around to throwing the pictures of the new additions to the first team vehicle.

A polycarbonate (bullet-proof) skid plate to protect the engine and oil pan, material courtesy of Anderson Covers in Springville, UT (this stuff weighs less than aluminum, and is still flexible). Custom jigsawed and bolted on to the sway bar bolts with extended bolts and some spacers to give us the clearance we needed. Temporarily attached to the front bumper and tow hooks for the time being, but has worked very well so far.

We picked up a rear differential cover to add to our protection underneath the car, and it was a pain in the rear to mount up with that aftermarket 03 WRX cat-back exhaust that was custom welded by a muffler shop. It just wasn't possible without plasma cutting the diff cover to fit. Oh well, it still does its job very well.

We picked up a basic ram-air intake to open up the breathing on the car a little, that the snorkus-delete just didn't seem to make enough difference with. The car sounds much more aggressive now, and air no longer has a maze of plastic to maneuver through in order to reach the engine. With the stock intake gone, there are now ridiculous amounts of room on that side of the engine bay, and it should work nicely for adding another battery for the beefy auxiliary light bar we have planned. (can you say520 watts of daylight) boo yah grandma. And yes we know our engine bay is Car-show spec. It's a rally car for crying out loud! :)

And last but not least, for a more enjoyable driving experience, we landed this sweet Prodrive shift knob. Feels a lot funner driving the car with this in your hand and who can complain about another Prodrive ornament being on your car?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

11.07.09 SCCA Rallycross

The rallycross at Miller Motorsports Park was a blast and it was a very large and fast course. We had a good turnout and everyone was turning in blazing fast times. There are some very talented drivers in the local Utah rally scene. We even had a couple talented drivers come in from Nevada and California. We got our polycarbonate skidplate installed the day before, courtesy of Anderson Window Well Covers in Springville. It worked flawlessly and took all the abuse the gravel could dish out, keeping our engine and oil pan safe and happy. You couldn't have asked for better weather it was probably 70 degrees and clear skies all day.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fuel Infusion

We are proud to present the product of one of our new partners, Fuel Infusion!
Our team rally car is now running on Fuel Infusion and is doing very well. We will keep you updated with our car's progress as it achieves better gas mileage and horsepower through the more complete burning of fuel in the engine, instead of leaving all of the unburnt fuel in there which unfortunately is a standard side-effect of gasoline-combustion engines.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Utah SCCA Rallycross Championship 11/07

November 7th it is! The championship has been finalized to be at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele.

Registration 8:00-9:30
Driver's meeting 9:45
Racing begins 10:00

Link to the rest of the information you need:


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flapatax Flaps

A special thanks to Flapatax flaps, an up-and-coming mudflap design and production company, for working with Happy Valley Rally and providing us some beta mudflaps to test around in the dirt. These suckers are tough!

HappyValleyRally Team Rally Car

So our first team rally car is extremely grassroots right now. We are getting it prepped to compete in the SCCA autocross series throughout the state of Utah. It will be competing in the Rally Prepared All Wheel Drive class. We have larger wrx disc brakes on the front and some aggressive snow tires on wrx wheels. A skid protector plate is in the works as well as an auxiliary light bar and some supension tightening modifications. An old beat up set of 4500 dollar DMS spec coilovers are on the waiting list to be rebuilt and will be a very welcome addition to the car!